LT: follow up session

In the light of your own school needs, explore the following modules.

- Using the Web
- Using Office software
- Projects
- The Interactive Web

In what order would you suggest your school teachers should take the different sessions?

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John said...

After having read the different modules, my conclusions for my school are as follows:
1. Kindergarten: due to the age level of the children and the attention spans, the Kindergarten teachers would benefit most by starting with "The Interactive Web" section, followed by "Using the Web", "Projects" and lastly "Using Office Software"

2. Primary: here I would divide the teachers up into three groups - Group 1 composed of capable computer users irrespective of age group taught, Group 2 - less able First Cycle teachers and Group 3 - less able 2nd Cycle teachers.
Group 1 would start with "Projects", "The interactive Web", "Using Office Software" and finally "Using the web" (as this is already implied in the other three sections.
Group 2 would start with "The interactive web" followed by "Projects" and then either of the last two modules.
Group 3 would start with "Using Office Software", "Using the Web", "Projects" and lastly "The interactive Web"

3. Secondary: I would divide the teachers into three groups (as in Primary) with all the able, computer-literate teachers in Group 1, while groups 2 and 3 would be based on departmental groupings (Arts and Humanities together while Maths and Science together) and they would follow a similar module distribution to the Primary groups.

Anonymous said...

Suggested order:
- Using Office software

- Using the Web

- The Interactive Web

- Projects

o Language teachers only.
o Collaborative work?
o Activities meaningful for Primary first cycle onwards (lesson plans, examples, etc. Not really meaning for Kinder.


poli said...

1) Using Office software and Using the Web
2) the Interactive Web and Projects